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FACT # 1: Ground water is our most precious natural resource.
FACT # 2: A water system is a large investment that you will depend on every day.
FACT # 3: Historically, New Mexico has been very lenient when it comes to enforcing Drillers Licensing and Well Construction Regulations.

APPLES TO APPLES: Based on the above, very careful attention and “comparison shopping" should be of the utmost importance. When looking at several estimates it is imperative to make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Murray Drilling will provide a detailed estimate of the depth and all equipment and will make every effort to be sure you understand what is on the estimate, if you need help deciphering the other bids, please let us know.

  • Well Depth
  • Casing Size & Material
  • Pump Size & Model
  • Flow & Pressure Expectations
  • Warranties
  • Responsibilities of Both Parties

PAYMENTS: Many contractors will require a reasonable deposit prior to scheduling, the amount could vary depending on the size of the job. Requireing payments at or right after each phase of the installation is common. However, you should never pay for the whole job up front. If a contractor requires this, you should run as fast as you can. If you have a problem it's a safe bet he will have done the same, but with your money in hand.

SUBCONTRACT DRILLERS: Ask those that you obtain estimates from if they “sub out” the drilling and/or pump equipment portion of the job. If they do, proceed with extreme caution and check out everyone involved.
INSURANCE: The contractor you select should, without question, carry workers' comp and liability insurance. If injury or property damage occurs during the course of your job, you can be held responsible. Request a Certificate of Insurance (COI) to keep with your files.

LOW BALL BIDS: If you receive an estimate that is alarmingly lower than anyone else, think twice! Basing your choice on price alone could be a detrimental mistake; it could cost you thousands in well repairs and in the worst case – replacing the entire system. Often times, the low ball contractor does not:

  • Have or maintain a drillers license
  • Have the experience to properly estimate the job.
  • Have the skills to properly size equipment.
  • Have the ability to provide an adequate contract.
  • Have the experience to properly complete the job.
  • Keep general liability and workers comp insurance current.
  • Have the equipment to handle the job.
  • Have a permanent place of business.
  • Install the system to meet basic industry standards.
  • Honor warranties.
  • Operate in a professional manner.
  • Return your call when you do have a problem


All properties will be required to obtain a State Engineer Well Permit except those on pueblo/tribal land.

In order to obtain the permit you must take a copy of the “recorded” warranty deed for the property where the well will be located. If you will be sending someone else to get the permit you will also need to send a letter with an original signature granting that person permission to obtain the permit.

The staff will walk you through the permit, there is no need to fill out any paperwork ahead of time, just make sure you have your recorded warranty deed with you.
Office of the State Engineer -Albuquerque
5550 San Antonio NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
Phone: 505-383-4000
Hours: 8-5 Monday – Friday
**Closed for lunch 12-1

Cost: $125.00 for a new domestic well permit.
Properties outside of the Albuquerque and Los Ranchos limits will be required to obtain the Bernalillo County Well Permit. You will need to provide a detailed site plan and the State Engineer permit.
Bernalillo County Natural Resource Services
111 Union Square S.E. Suite 300
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Phone: 505-314-0310
Hours: 8-5 Monday – Friday
Natural Resources Website: http://www.bernco.gov/Water-Resources/
Permit Forms: http://www.bernco.gov/forms-NaturalResources/

Cost: $75.00 for a new domestic well permit.
Properties within the Rio Rancho City limits are required to obtain a Rio Rancho Well Permit. After obtaining the State Engineer Permit you will need to pick up a Well Permit Package from The City of Rio Rancho, complete the forms inside and return them.

For questions you may contact:
Julie Hamilton
City of Rio Rancho
Water Programs Coordinator
Office: 505-896-8816

City of Rio Rancho
3200 Civic Center Circle NE
Rio Rancho, NM 87144

Cost: $200.00 for a new domestic well permit.



Once the well is drilled, cased and gravel packed the equipment will be installed. First, the submersible pump goes in. The pump is set on drop pipe, which along with many miscellaneous items will deliver the water to the top of the well. Murray Drilling Company installs the highest quality pumps available from several different manufacturers. As each brand can have different performance curves, we choose the pump that will best meet the application as determined in the design stage. Occasionally the actual well conditions will warrant resizing the equipment.

A submersible pump works by passing water through a series of stages, each one consisting of an impeller, diffuser and the bowl in which they are seated. The more stages - the bigger the pump and the farther it will be able to push the water. The width of the impellers determines pump capacity (gpm). The diameter determines how high the pump can push the water. The horsepower of the motor is determined by the volume of water and the working pressure of the system.
CONSTANT PRESSURE SYSTEMS: Developments over the last few years in the pump industry have introduced “constant pressure” systems to the market. The control system allows the motor to work with variable speed technology - the motor will speed up or slow down based on your use (with one faucet open the motor will turn a little bit, as other fixtures are opened the motor will speed up to meet the demand). These systems have several advantages, first there is no fluctuation in pressure while the system is running as can be seen with fixed speed pumps. Second, a smaller pressure tank can be used which is also less expensive and saves space.
FIXED SPEED SYSTEMS: Once the water is out of the well, it will go to the pressure tank . The primary function of the pressure tank is the automatic operation of the water system. It does this by using stored air pressure inside a sealed diaphragm that will provide water under pressure even when the pump is not running. This keeps the pump from turning on and off (cycling) every time water is used. Pressure tanks are sized based on the output of the pump and end use. Ideally the tank should have, in drawdown capacity (stored water), at least 2 times the output of the pump (a 10 GPM pump should have at least 20 gallons of drawdown in the pressure tank)


There are several different situations that may call for adding a storage system in order to meet the demands of the household(s).

WELL SHARES: One of the most common is a multi-home well share; the system would be designed to meet the needs of each household on the system. If not all the homes will be built at the same time, the basic storage system can be installed with the first home then as the others come online, equipment can be added based on the combined needs of the system users.

LOW PRODUCING WELLS & FRAGILE FORMATIONS: A storage system is recommended for low producing wells where the demand creates a pumping rate that exceeds the well yield.

We also recommend storage for wells that are in fragile formations and the required pumping rate is such that it will severely agitate those formations.

The idea in both cases is to slowly pump water into the storage tank where it can then be delivered to the household at the needed rate.

LARGE HOMES & DEEP WELLS: Typically the need for water not only inside, but outside as well, is such that it would be difficult for a stand alone system to meet the demands adequately. By going to storage we can get much higher pumping rate.

Often in deeper wells, 800' plus it is less expensive to install storage due to the high cost of wire on higher horsepower pumps. We can also be limited in the pumping rate, so again storage allows for higher flows.


As with any machine, maintenance is critical for a long life. General housekeeping is a must- keep the area around your equipment free of; dirt, rodents, snakes, and leaves. You will also want to keep the equipment area from freezing and check periodically to make sure nothing is leaking.

Murray Drilling can perform maintenance inspections to help keep your system operating properly. When Murray Drilling installs your system we will provide a maintenance check within 60 days of your 1 year anniversary at no charge, just call our office to schedule.

Get to know your system and if you ever notice that it's not operating the same, you see a leak or even hear a funny noise- call for service A.S.A.P. Unattended problems can lead to costly equipment repairs or replacement.

Keep track of all service work performed on your system as a handy reference, this information can also be passed on to subsequent owners. Click below to download the Maintenance Record Form.